perfect to me

i was very fortuante one day to come across this boy while perusing tumblr. this image is the very first image that awakened my latent boylove, if i had to guess. typically i would scroll past most every image featuring minors on my tumblr feed because i thought it would be terrifying if some part of me was attracted to minors. but then i saw this image of this boy.

i recall my heart stopping for several moments and just being in shock at how much i was physically attracted to this young lad. then my brain started screaming at me “oh no, this kid is clearly a minor. it’s not ok for you to be attracted to this.” but i ignored my brain and i think i stared at him for a good 10 minutes straight just noticing things i like about him.

his eyes are an extremely rare grey color and are breathtaking to look into. his hair has a disheveled look that makes me want to run my hands through it. his lips are at the certain point of the thin-thick scale that is most appealing to me. his nose is cute. his jawline is flawless. i love the little moles on his face. i love his asymmetrical eyebrows. i just love his face quite a lot. i hope that by sharing this others will appreciate what a perfect specimen this lad is.

and of course, if anyone has more pictures of this boy, i would be eternally grateful. the picture seems to be professionally taken which makes me believe there is likely more pictures to whatever set this picture came from.