Adios Amigos, via con Dios

I have recently returned home from a very long road trip, photographing traditional boat races on the Mekong River, jumping back and forth between Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.  If you prefer to travel sans tourist busses this would be a wonderful experience.  The people in the rural parts of South East Asia are very friendly, and curious, whenever foreigners show up and take an interest in the area.

My ability to speak their dialect is weak, but I learned that the boy with the shaved head was recently a nen, or novice monk, for one week following the death of his grandfather.  This is a customary practice among Buddhists in this region.

I never share or sell my favorite photos; instead, I keep them for myself.  Making an exception this time to share this photo of two Cambodian boys and their dog because it sums up nicely how I feel about boys.  What struck me the most about these two is that they were neither a nuisance, nor were they afraid, as you might find among city dwellers.  They polite, soft-spoken, even asking if I had “eaten rice today” which is a typical polite greeting.  They never posed for pictures (that annoying habit many people have of using their fingers to frame their faces, or giving the peace sign).  They didn’t ask for money.  Instead, they wanted to introduce me to their dog, and their cows, and to the pigs.

I could feel loving kindness oozing from the boys.  Was it real?  Or was it just my imagination?  My answer to those questions is that I felt a very strong connection to them, immediately.  It was a feeling that was warm and relaxed, and trusting, and it certainly was real for me.  I suppose that’s what makes me a boylover.

This will be my last post at this site. I suppose being a boylover comes in many flavors, and we all have different ways expressing our love for boys.  I have decided to leave you all in peace to find and express love in your own way.