Ares is a teen now!

Probably many of you already know Ares (or how his mother likes to call him: “Bean”) – he turned 13 recently and is still a beauty to behold…
Here are the most recent pictures all from this year.

Exposure is being Hunted

I’d like to show condolence for – a similar site I didn’t know about until recently. Looks like there is a coordinated campaign running in one of the international witchhunt institutes like Interpol and FBI. DON’T make me mad you fucking feds, or I may thinking about lowering the bar to allow more naked pictures of beautiful boys here.

So guys, fire up your Tor browsers and grab all the images you can from while it’s still up!! On every post, there is a link displayed: “Download all photos as ZIP”, which is very handy. I might implement that functionality here too.

Here is the original announcement:

Exposure is being Hunted

Some extremist anti-pedos are trying to shutdown this website while there is no real illegal content. Currently, we’re playing cat and mouse. I’ve just moved to the best possible hosting at the time. If you lost access to this site, keep an eye on friends sites for Exposure new link.
If you’re one of those extremists, maybe you’d better use “Request Image Removal” form to address anything you consider illegal. Yeah, help me understand “The Law” deeply! Or maybe I should help you understand “Pornography” ? Never seen any before!?
By the way, comments on this post are open to the crowd! I would be happy to hear from anyone – supporter or not.