11 thoughts on “Boys celebrate BoB return

  1. I’d like to offer a toast to Matteo for resurrecting our beloved BoB, for giving us the chance to be ourselves and express ourselves freely online. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Matt. Two thumbs up.
    I would also like to offer this toast to the European Authorities whose only hobby I guess, is shutting down harmless and cause-driven sites such as BoB. Together with the NSA and the CIA and every other narrow-minded people out there, kudos to you. I want to give you my two thumbs up but I already gave them to Matt so I guess, my two long fingers are enough for you.

    Cheers to BoB!!!

    And no, I’m not drunk! Believe me, I’m not. Wooo!

  2. My Belief to why it was shut down is the comments and certain post on the site. It makes us seem like we’re praying upon these boys when we’re… How do I say… Admiring them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps we should be more careful with what we post and say to avoid this happening again. Don’t say how you wanna see them naked or how sexy they are. Keep it clean. Please. And don’t post almost nude boys. Tho if you have some around the age of 12-14 I’m in they’re age group so I wouldn’t mind;) jk. But keep this site clean so we don’t seem like a bunch of peodophiles to the online

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