Exposure is being Hunted

I’d like to show condolence for exposure.pw – a similar site I didn’t know about until recently. Looks like there is a coordinated campaign running in one of the international witchhunt institutes like Interpol and FBI. DON’T make me mad you fucking feds, or I may thinking about lowering the bar to allow more naked pictures of beautiful boys here.

So guys, fire up your Tor browsers and grab all the images you can from exposure.pw while it’s still up!! On every post, there is a link displayed: “Download all photos as ZIP”, which is very handy. I might implement that functionality here too.

Here is the original announcement:

Exposure is being Hunted

Some extremist anti-pedos are trying to shutdown this website while there is no real illegal content. Currently, we’re playing cat and mouse. I’ve just moved to the best possible hosting at the time. If you lost access to this site, keep an eye on friends sites for Exposure new link.
If you’re one of those extremists, maybe you’d better use “Request Image Removal” form to address anything you consider illegal. Yeah, help me understand “The Law” deeply! Or maybe I should help you understand “Pornography” ? Never seen any before!?
By the way, comments on this post are open to the crowd! I would be happy to hear from anyone – supporter or not.


12 thoughts on “Exposure is being Hunted

    • Don’t worry, I won’t. I just saw some “borderline” images being uploaded here and thought maybe I shouldn’t be that restrictive.

      Actually I’m just mad and wanted to release my anger a bit.

  1. Anonymous says on Exposure:
    March 28, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    “It would help your case our a lot if people didn’t post weird comments about “suckable nipples” or wanting to lick the boys on every other post. Regardless of how harmless the comments may be, it’s really fucking creepy, and on a site that already would make many people uncomfortable… ”


    boyd wrote:
    March 28, 2017 at 11:16 pm
    “I am not surprised this has happened. someone above made a good comment, that the sexual comments some make sure don’t help. why does anyone need to say, anonymously, things like “suckable nipples” etc.? i think it is why BoB got shut down. certainly no porn on the site but you’d think there was from some comments. and the same has happened to many other sites before that.”

    They might have a point.

  2. Honestly though, why not lower the bar and allow for naked picture. The site is already on Tor. Please consider it, some of the pictures now basically show the outline of some of the boys’s bulges.

  3. hey love that you took it apon your self to create a place for the nicer part of the pedo cominity to get together and enjoy boys.

    i have one issue and one request

    my issue is i seem to be haveing trouble viewing comments when im logged in. i cant see any of the comments posted unless i log out. when im logged in they dont show up.

    my request

    although i get that this is primarily a non nude form i think there should be a category for soft core nudity. nothing crazy like boys with dildos but like something were we can see some nude boys and nude models playing and having fun. i have other .onion sites that do the same thing so its not like its an urgent suggestion just figured id put it out there im sure im not the first to suggest this to you then again i have no idea cause i cant see the bloody comments!!!
    ~love shotaking

  4. Hi Matteo,

    Thank you for all of the hard work you do to keep up this website. I also enjoy Exposure.pw. Its a great website with absolutely nothing illegal on it.

    I was wondering if I can post pictures from sportsgallery.eu on this website. There is nothing illegal or pornographic whatsoever in any of the pictures. Please let me know if this is okay. Thank you.

  5. I just saw that exposure.pw is closing comments and deleted all existing comments, thanks to dumbasses like nelbutt who flooded the comments with obvious pornographic statements (if you are reading this nel, yes, I deleted all your inappropriate comments, please stick to the rules).

    So, the community aspect of exposure is lost. I want to keep it up here.

    And no, no naked boys, no soft nudity, since that would go against BoB’s philosophy of “boys in everyday situations”.

    Thank you Southern_Nights for your encouraging words. Yes, no problem, you can post images from sportsgallery.eu.

    (Wow, maybe I should create a page to collect all those links together).

    • Thanks Matteo,

      I have a lot of great pics of boys swimming from sportsgallery.eu. Just great photography, nothing pornographic whatsoever.

  6. yeah i get the whole philosophy thing i mean a nude section like nudist party and such lol you know family nudism. whats that one site called? cant remember. but technically they are in every day situations lol sorry for being a pesky child im young and a.d.d.

    anyways you never addressed my issue with comments not showing whilst logged in? can you tell me what the issue could be?

    and ps the dashboard dontt look like the posting totoriul cant figure out how to post

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