Oscar Re-Upload

Stuff that used to be on here but isn’t thanks to the host provider terminating BoB


Here is a fun little mini-game lets see if anyone can guess my old username from BoB. ( Have a guess you might remember me or get it right )

8 thoughts on “Oscar Re-Upload

  1. He’s cute. I think someone already posted him here.

    As for your old username, it’s all a blur, that was an infinity ago in internet time and my old grey matter. 🙂

  2. Yes there may have been thousands of people on old BoB….Some are more memorable than others…Some (very very few) I wished didn’t exists and can stay away for all I care…..Lol…. I think loveboys321`s lil guessing game is fun.. Hmmm are you ????? Okay guess who Im guessing…:/

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