Abs 3

This is the last post of this theme for a while. The next post will be a different theme.

11 thoughts on “Abs 3

  1. First picture is hot but my favourite is the gorgeous boy in pic 4..I love his white untanned legs and those shorts?and did I mention that bulge?

    • I know there is more of the boy in pic 4. I think its from when he is a lil younger. I don’t have them though. I think his name was Austin. I could be wrong. I also know there is more of the boy in pic 2. But idk about the rest.

      • Pic 2 I think is from a sports photo set,I posted some on the old blog of this boy and those black wet Lycra shirts are just so damn nice on his legs!? I love the ‘v’ on the boy in the third picture too pointing no doubt to hidden treasure ?

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