As requested, Spencer in Tiger underwear for boyaddicted

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21 thoughts on “As requested, Spencer in Tiger underwear for boyaddicted

  1. I remember when I first started doing some exploring after I accepted I was gay, there was a picture on their blog of him in colored underwear jumping into the air with his legs spread. I thought it was a really awesome shot.

    • I think I have it, that picture, but it’s pretty small, 540×339. Blue with a white waist band and red leg bands and fly opening, like in # 11.

  2. WoW Thanks Titan you are the second BoB member to actually acknowledge a request….An old BoB member who went bu Razmus knew I loved Braces Boys (I still do) made a special dedicated post for me…Another POS did mention my name in a post but it was a negative political post and he was a dickhead so…Anyway Thanks for Spence I do love him at this age he is so hot!

    • I can’t take any credit for this. It was BL_A. I might help you out in the future, but I dumped all of my Spencer when I dumped all of my pictures. I only added one new to me one of Spencer with his brother Logan since.

  3. Also does anyone remember the car washing Tiger Underwear video of the boys washing the red Mustang out in the front yard driveway in their tighty whitey undies…Thats a illusive one ..hard to find but its hot!!!

  4. I am a director and I want to know the surname of spencer for a professional project thank you Lucas if you do not want them to appear on the site I can give you my contact details. It’s up to you to say thank you

  5. @lucas1000….To my knowledge…most of these models went by a “stage/professional” name….I really doubt that Spencer is his given name…It would be pretty hard to find out his real name ..That unless you have deep pockets and or serious connections in the P.I. world or know a bit about skip tracing…..But who knows maybe he is an Actor/Model for a company? Who knows…I have one pic of him @ about 19-22 at a guess…He looks good but NOT like this…lol…Sorry to burst any bubbles…. : )

    • Im sure he’s represented as a model. Perhaps he did move on though. I cant believe that he would be 19-22 right now. I think 16-19 is more like it. I haven’t seen any new pictures of him in the past few years. Where did you find the more recent one?

  6. Clearing up a couple things regarding Spencer.

    Spencer is absolutely his real name. Logan is really his brother and all the MT boys used their real first names. However there were a couple that occasionally used different names as well. Aaron also modeled under Lewis (Lewis is his real name). Gunner for Modelteenz (his real name) modeled under the name Rudi for Star Diapers.

    I am not American but I know Spencer has very recently graduated from his high school.

    For those of you who want to know what the brothers look like now. Look at this pic

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