Hey all

I was hoping someone could help. There were two posts at the old BoB that hopefully someone snatched up before it was bombed. The first was a music video by two dutch boys, one white, very cute and blonde. Who were they? And the second was of a very cute kid in a store wearing a red shirt, I think it was the Chicago blackbirds or something like that. I don’t follow sports. Could someone help? Please post here or send to my email, bastianbucks12@gmail.com


Model Sets

Hi Guys

anyone got any sets of models they can share with me?

Email or PM me,

email: stuartcutler1996@hotmail.co.uk

Don’t mind what models but if anyone has any Scotty (star diapers / tiger underwear model) / Spencer / Rudy / Sonny (blond) that would be great, but anything is great!

Hello all

I have two questions, if someone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it. The first is, why do some of the images not load when I first visit a post, and when I hit reload? They load when I click on them, and then hit Back, but they look broken before that. Secondly, did anyone happen to snatch up two series of photos before old BoB was destroyed? One set was of Scotty as a vampire, and the second set was a boy wearing a red Blackhawks shirt, very cute!

Plz post here, my email is not working, thanks