In some small town in Quebec province…imagine the excitement, the boyish curiosity and anticipation to go out to be photographed (in your underwear!) by,,,  Mister Bluefield!…

Samples of the first 10 sets, there are 849 photos in 46 sets. They come from The Days of Kodak, and represent some of the finest non-studio, natural & informal boy photography made outside of Europe.   Later, Bluefield switched over to digital cameras and added many more photos, to a total of 1388. It was a rare privilege to be in his confidence to receive many photos directly from him.

I share these sets in the hopes you may appreciate from the photos the rapport Bluefield developed with these teen and preteen country boys.   Oh course, he may have also paid them: boys always want money!

I have “switched gears.” Let me know if you want more.
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  1. Today I paid an old farmer to let me take a pic of his face. I gave him enough to buy one glass of whiskey. But I don’t have the nerve to ask boys to pose for me in their underwear, no matter how much the pay. Call me a coward, but I think asking a boy to pose in his underwear would be a good way to get a knife in your gut from dad or uncle or older brother, or at the very least a visit from the police. I like these pics, and my hat is off to the guy who took them. Looks like photos taken some years ago, yes?

  2. I’ve always loved this series and would love to see more. It’s interesting to learn where the boys are from. It’s been so long, I’m sure it’s OK to ask – do you know anything more about the back story on this series? I’ve always been fascinated with how the photographer knew his subjects, and how they came about being photographed, at a time when child modeling wasn’t common. The boys clearly weren’t being coerced. They seem to enjoy being photographed shirtless in the sun.

    • Hi Chad. Sorry I don’t know anymore of the back story. Perhaps more accurate, I don’t remember anymore than my intro – it was years ago when I was in direct contact with “Bluefield.” But your assessment is accurate: the boys enjoyed their times with him.

  3. Oh wow bl_a…. where do I begin…These are GREAT!…Love the era and the selection….I like them all but for now Im going with more of…Field 01-14, 03-13 ,06-06 , 07-12 ,08-08, 09-13, 09-17…actually all of them LOL…those were just for starters……. haha.. Thanks…

  4. Hi my friend, pense à moi pour ces merveilleuses images Bluefield comme j’aime tout particulièrement. Aujourd’hui, c’est difficile de pouvoir photographier les garçons aussi naturellement. Tu m’as déjà offert quelques unes de ces images, merci. Mais maintenant que je sais qu’il y en a 1388… Je rêve…

    • “Wow” is right. I take it you had not seen these classics before. I have a new draft of more samples (sets 11-20) I will soon submit. And I will be preparing some others from sets 1 to 10 for a post based on the comments above. Thanks to everyone.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful all the kids portrayed in these photos. Spontaneous nice and some are also exciting, as well as well done. I hope to see other interesting and beautiful photo sets. To the next set.

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