7 thoughts on “Faces 2

  1. This is the worst post ever! I’m like… Oh, him! I know him! He’s… *Draws blank for every last one.* I could name the character name of Talph, from Lord of the Flies. Does that count? Gh… I suck hard.

  2. Adrian, not sure if you’re angry or just kidding around?
    Here’s a hint. One of them was in the latest movie version of Lord of The Flies, and as an adult he was in the HBO series Pacific.

    Another one was in the movie Frailty.

    Maybe there’s more?

  3. 3,5,7,9,12,14 & 15…Okay narrowed it down I think If its only one…Mmmm and thats hard to do…Id say #14…Oh my my Nantan…I love these face shots!!! Super cute boys and great age too! NIce!!! so dreamy!!![]\

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