13 thoughts on “ORANGE BIEBER BOY…………

  1. LOL..Yeah Thats it!…almost all are from old BoB…I remember days that I missed and I was always supposed to go back to the archives from when I wasn’t aware of BoB and see those!! I waited to long then it went away! Thanks all!

  2. This is the only way I can post (for now) to re-post..well not actually re-post but “Revisit” my old posts…see what kind of comments I may have missed!!! so narcissistic huh ?…. LOL….. :^)

    • Hallo my friend!!
      It is sad your computer connectingproblems still are not solved.
      We all miss your pics, so I hope that the technical problems you have soon will be repaired.
      Well fortunately you have all the hot boys we are all posting, so you won’t get bored….;-)

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