13 thoughts on “JUST CUTE BOYS FOR YOU

  1. Yes very nice looking boys Lausie! Stealing my boys again Ayy!…LOL you know I like to tease you about that huh? I have had problems with connection issues and cant post ..for now anyway!!! Does anyone recognize #4 ? Its an older SPENCER,,,, I know huh? Looks so different! I love all of them so hot!!! Thanks!! #8 is….Nakita….have some but it will have to wait until????

  2. #6 is new to me and is an immediate favorite to spend a week at the beach with. He’s got the build and shape to his torso that I like so much. #3 and #35 are Killian, which means I must be crazy for considering anyone else, and #18 is Grant, a boy beauty and friend to David and Noah Padgett, two all-time favorites. So… #6 for the week, Killian for a one night stand, and Grant for lifelong friend so I can spend my summers at the pool with him and the hot-bodied Padgetts. 🙂

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