Modelteenz TylerA SE#89 Part Four

Fans of football, feet, sox and jeans will have to wait for the last part, Part Five.  Have patience.

8 thoughts on “Modelteenz TylerA SE#89 Part Four

  1. Is it my imagination or is he just getting cuter and sexier all the time? I love the look on his face in pics number one seven and eight. Sometimes these photo shoots can get kind of repetitive, but when he’s got a body as hot as this, I love seeing all the different views. Please oh please keep them coming!

    • Maybe he is…, but it could be the endorphins kicking in.

      You are so right about the repetitiveness of many model sets. There are 1,076 pics in the set and in posting 135 of them in Samples One thru Four and the upcoming Five, I have worked to avoid repetition. One tactic has been you make decisions based on facial expression.

      He does have a great big toothy smile.

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