16 thoughts on “COLE….#1

  1. Thanks for posting these Cole from SE#192. Good to see some more of the 1300+ get up here. (And you didn’t even duplicate any of the ones I posted earlier, back in April and July – you must of been paying attention.) It’s a great set with lots of variety and everyone a winner with Cole as the star. Thanks!

  2. @bl_a..LOL I knew someone had posted him and I couldn’t remember who though I was pretty sure it was you…yeah I usually do try and do my homework and not post (at least not too often) or re-post other posts but as you know its a daunting task to try and remember everyone’s posts! This time I didn’t research I just winged it and got lucky huh?!! I have more but now I will check so I dont duplicate…well at least not too much! ;^)

  3. Wow…this is such a lovely post. Cole is right up there as my fave model to admire, enjoy, stare at, etc. Seeing him in that light blue Speedo is beautiful. Please, post more of this angel!

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