13 thoughts on “Keanu at the gym part 2

  1. Ill give him a spotter LOL….He is amazingly hot and has a very cute face and hot bod…This is one of those special boys!!! Very Great Post!! Blue skye….Too HOT!!

  2. Did anyone else notice, in the two close-ups of his arm pits, the first he looks totally smooth and the second it looks like baby hairs sprouting? I’m wondering how that happened. I love all the fuzzy hairs on his arms and legs and shoulders/back.

  3. i always lock my door but not too long ago i didnt and i was doing a slide show and my brother came in and said “i love my wife i love my kids but this is absolutely proof that jus cause your 13-15 does not mean you dont have urges too” cant wait to see how he reacts when he sees his son, my nephew is one of my closest boy friends”

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