Photoshopped Picture of Johnny Orlando

Hey guys, I though it would be interesting to share a little project if just finished. I had this image and it came to me that it could be way better! So I made it so, would love to hear your opinion on it and how well I photoshopped it. Also the boy in the picture is Johnny Orlando, i have more pictures of him so if you want to see those make sure to comment that you do. Besides that hope you enjoy this edit and I would love it if you give me feedback on it!


Original Image:


Photoshopped Image:

5 thoughts on “Photoshopped Picture of Johnny Orlando

  1. I like photoshop only when it is admitted. I don’t like it when it is passed off as the real thing. Since you were upfront about it, it is actually a better one than many. On first super quick glance, it looked real. What threw it off for me was his right knee. I would assume the knee would be really hard to create via photoshop. Still, this is really good work! I’m really curious of what else you do.
    Also, Johnny really got hot recently.

  2. Yup! You can tell its shopped but still a good attempt..yes the right leg looks awkward but the Speedo looks like its a “matted” overlay,,,but as tita stated at least you weren’t trying to pass it off as a real pic!! Good for you! If PS is a hobby of yours go ahead and have fun!! And the pic of Johnny O is Delicious!! He looks good at that age too! He really kept his hot boy looks..not and easy feat!! Thanks…and YES to more Johnny O I have an upcoming post of him soon! Thanks AK!

    • It’s a really really good attempt. A lot of photoshop is not good at all. If Johnny’s knee shown in the original, it would have taken me a while to say its a fake. The speedo isn’t perfect but it is passable. Given his body and how low the speedo hangs, it’s likely there would be a v showing. This is certainly still really good. I’d love to see more of these types of edits.

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