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      • @HansVader I am currently posting pics from Spencer SE#231; one post is up with 2 more in the works. Your recent posts have been all, or for the most part, from Spencer’s 204, and earlier posts from SE#388. I have SE#295. Do you have that as well? I could start on SE#295 once I am done with SE#231. &@Titan Or maybe someone else can post some…

        • Unfortunately, I don’t have any full sets of any models. I have gotten paranoid a few times and dumped my hard-drives even though everything is non-nude. I only have a few pictures of Spencer in the white thong set(although it’s not really a thong) which were already posted. The only other stuff I have from Spencer come from his or Logan’s Instagrams which I am hesitant to post.

          • @Titan..Just out of pure curiosity why would you be “hesitant to post” pictures from an Instagram posting? Arent those for the world to see? I mean when you post on Facebook or Instagram those venues aren’t exactly private anymore???…

        • @bl_a… Yes I am anxiously awaiting your series SE`s of Spencer…..I have various Spencer pics to post but not sure if anyone else already posted them or not I don’t have ayt exact SE sets or many full sets except for Modelteenz here and there? I have loose ones here and there but that’s it….

          • It’s weird that it won’t let me reply to your reply. Anyways I’m hesitant to post them for a variety of reasons. First, while it might not be exactly private, it’s not really model pictures. Secondly, Spencer is 18 now and Logan is even older. Most the pictures are of them as late teens/adults with only a few of them early teens. For the purpose of the site, I don’t know where boy ends. I admittedly have a higher AoA than most on the site it seems like. Thirdly, it might seem strange to some to find out how they look like now. Lastly, I know someone had issue with some posts being posted from a family’s blog. I don’t want to stir the pot.

          • @Titan Hmm I cant reply to your reply,to my reply…LOL But Okay I understand but first of There was some discussion of what a “Boy” really is yes in the past “some” didn’t like anything past 15 (I beg to differ) others thought the cut off was 18? Hmmm..I too CAN have…. “Can” being the key word here….have an attraction to older then the “Norm” bl AoA`s….. now there’s the too low/young bl,AoA ( to me @ least) and there’s the High end AoA …Of course as in any community or group there’s always differing opinions etc. I personally think that a post of them wouldn’t hurt anyone after all everyone has different tastes (so to speak..hee-hee) I too have two pics of an older but still teen of Spencer..and one of an adult Florian! I too have thought that just maybe yes it would ruin a fantasy or two by posting the less than boy pics of them so I get what you mean.. Dont worry about what the others think you do you !.as far as stirring the pot…Hell Thats my middle name…Sometimes the shit needs to be stirred to keep it active…LOL…(horns sprouting from my head…LOL) Thanks for indulging me…!

  1. Hans…Ich glaube du bist vielleicht Deutscher Holländer, aber du solltest das trotzdem verstehen … Spencer ist so süß wie Schokolade ..Sehr guter Beitrag Danke!…Thanks for posting Spencer Yummy!!

    • boyaddicked Falls du mich verstehst: Ich bin Deutscher und verstehe dich. Deutsch ist an sich schon kompliziert. Spencer ist sehr gut für diesen Blog geeignet. Falls du noch Fotos haben solltest die den Regeln entsprechen ( keine Nackten Jungs oder gar Porno) können wir gerne Bilder teilen unter. Rumpelfuchs86@tutanota.de.

  2. Hans … Während mein Deutsch sehr begrenzt ist, verstehe ich ein bisschen. Aber wenn ich etwas sage, das keinen Sinn ergibt, dann weißt du warum …. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt habe ich nichts von Spencer, was noch nicht geschehen ist. gepostet..Was zu diesem Zeitpunkt aus Sicherheitsgründen zu teilen, bin ich nicht komfortabel noch bald teilen … Danke!

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