Boys and Animals (For Matteo)

A present for you Matteo, our beloved Publisher and “Zookeeper”. Thanks for your hard work. It’s much appreciated!

11 thoughts on “Boys and Animals (For Matteo)

  1. B-E-A- U-T-I-F-U-L !! I LOVE – LUV- LAV- Boys and Animals..Its shows a special bond of caring,compassion and true love of nature that’s unmatched and unparalleled! GREAT POST !! RASMUS!! Definitely header worthy!! Yes Matteo!! Love these Ras!!!!

  2. @boysgalore…Whats up? What are you having problems with? Forums and PM~s are really the place for this but Im sure your probably having an issue with that so here you are? Thats okay whats the prob?

  3. Thanks @BOYADDICKED. You are right i’m having issues with pm’s too. How do you enter a reciepient? My original issue is that when i’m trying to publish a post with media, It won’t let me add any media even though i have media stored in the gallery. When i go onto the page to do this and add the title of the post and scroll down to where it says “add media” everytime i click on the button, nothing comes up. How can i resolve this please?

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