Modelteenz Logan SE# 033 Part 3

Logan was one of my first favorites of the Modelteenz, and sets have seemed the most elusive. All the more satisfying when I encounter additional ones. Here I present even more of Logan’s Special Edition # 033. In Autumn colors and a hint of Winter to come…

Logan is still my all time favorite model in the MT sets.


Modelteenz Logan SE# 033 Part 2


Modelteenz Logan SE# 033 Part 1

2 thoughts on “Modelteenz Logan SE# 033 Part 3

  1. Logan LOGAN LoGaN……Such a stud boy!! I love him too! Very hot! What else can I say..or should I say..actually I cant on this forum…lol…He is beyond hot The more I see of him the more I want!! Like you’ve said b4 Spencer is usually the highlighted boy of the two but I do love Logan too! Hes awesomely hot! Thanks!

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