Some Johnny Orlando

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, I reconize myself that it is not 100% accurate but I could not be bothered to make it any better because it was originaly only intendid for my and I didn’t want to put more time in the image sinds I had other things to do. If i knew I was going to post it here I would have put more time into it. Somebody asked if Photoshopping is my hobby and the answer to that is no, this was the first time editing any image that is not a thumbnail so all I did was improvised, I will probably do more tho because I did enjoy it. Anyways you guys did say you wanted more Johnny Orlando(his actual name is John Orlando) so here you go, if you want more of John, Carson Lueders or Hayden Summerall do tell me because I have a lot more.


This Picture includes: John, Carson and Hayden. Like I said if you want more of any of them do tell me, because I do have a lot more!

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