Brendan – ModelTeenz – MT – Post #1: Pink Speedos

Another one of my favorite ModelTeenz Model is Brendan.  Just a youthful face and another model with a tremendous body that looks really, really good in pink speedos.  This boy just radiates boy energy with his stunning body and drop-dead gorgeous smile!


Thank you for all the positive comments regarding my ModelTeenz posts for Cris and Daniel G.  I will continue to post more of them as well and more of Brendan too!  So glad to be a part of this community.

— Kamin Of Katan

Note: If you want to see a few more pics of Brendan.  Please check out the post by Stinkpickles on 11/19/17: http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/2017/11/more-of-him/






4 thoughts on “Brendan – ModelTeenz – MT – Post #1: Pink Speedos

  1. Oh WoW KoK How did you know I wanted 2C more of this boy!! I love that mouthful of braces and that bod!! What a dream!! I like this post of this boy..I like all of your posts BUT this one is tops!! Love Brendan too much..It hurts…loL…

  2. Another super post of a super sensational looking boy. I am sure he will look just as smoking hot in any color speedos. Modelteenz sure had a stable of the most incredible looking boys. You sure have my vote for more of Brendan, Cris, and of course my personal favorite, Daniel G. Thanks for your effort to take the time to pick out such great pictures to share with us.

  3. I love seeing young still boyish looking faces sitting on top of spectacularly sexy teen bodies. Brendan’s got it all, including an intriguing package wrapped up in that scant piece of pink.

  4. Another example of a cute face and a hot body. Modelteenz sure got some hot boys through the years and he sure is one of them. Such an awesome post. Is this the only set of him or is there more?

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