I made Christmas/winter pics for you

I have been a little bit creative and changed some posted pics and new pics in Christmas/wintercards to give you already the feeling of a real Bob Christmas. After all we are a big Bob family, so let’s celebrate Christmas this way…I wish you all already a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!!!!  ESPECIALLY I WISH MATTEO A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH A BIG HUG AND THANKS FOR ALL HIS EFFORTS!!

11 thoughts on “I made Christmas/winter pics for you

  1. Oh My God! These are so very creative and took a lot of thought! I do appreciate them!! You did an excellent job at incorporating the boys with the X-Mas theme perfectly!! I may have to make a few copies and send them out as a X-mas cards! I literally have a huge smile on my face when I look at everyone of them .. Thank You for making my day with these and passing the Holiday spirit a long to all of us!! Really Lausie!! So brilliant and creative…Im still laughing at some of these because they are so so damn cute THANK YOU! and an Early Merry Christmas To you and yours!!

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