7 thoughts on “Oldie but Goldie: Eric in his early years

  1. @ Lausie,,,They are!! 4 ever young……! I played cowboys and Indians too! Also War…I told told them to lay down and id blow the hell out of them…LOL! (Thats an old joke) He is a doll! Thanks!!

  2. Beautiful little boy. Everything about him is perfect. We would come back from the Satutday matinee and get into our cowboy hats, strap on our six shooters and play cowboys till it went dark. Eric could have been in my posse anytime. Love his little short pants.

  3. I’m pretty sure he’s not actually playing cowboys and Indians in these pics although the thought off of tying him to a tree and having my way with his body is a nice one. He’s only standing in front of the tree in a few of the pics. His neighbor was the photographer and took photos of him in the pose over time, ostensibly to show Eric’s progress as he worked out and built his body. In reality the neighbor was just a boy lover who saw in his little blond friend the same thing that we do, and which has gotten these pics posted all over the Internet over the last 20 years.

    • You are genius of comments. However sensation of blonde boys through screen close to orgasm more then money in pockets users of BoB for regeneration beauty. ))

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