Growing Pains

Watch a boy transform into a young man after taking years of portrait photos. Photographer: Peter Hasky.

20 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. What a great post, and what a cutie when he was young, And those freckles…OMG.
    He was a cute young boy and is still a cute boy. But it is the hard way of life that we grow up and we all get older…aaarrrggghhhh…. It is the reality….But as a BL’er I hold on to the youth:);) Thanks for the pics. Great post!

  2. Okay While I first read the title and the synopsis I jokingly said to myself! Oh c`mon Rasmus dont kill my buzz!! LOL…BUT..alas..I was wrong! I thought from boy to man was going to be a rough ride..On the contrary! I think he was hotter when young yes Thats why Im a BL…But @ the last pic I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating cookies either!! Im sure pal #Titan will agree too! Yes I love them “Boys” but I CAN have a wide range of AoA depending on the person! I dont do babies or old men ..But theres some wiggle room when it comes to my AoA age limit..Like I said it all depends!! …and to me I think hes still a hot looking dude! GREAT JOB! Rasmus..Goes to show you…. “You cant judge a post by its title”

    • I actually don’t fully agree. I think he actually looks his best in the last few. But that’s the cool thing with AoA’s. Not everyone’s the same. I don’t think he was ugly early on by any means. He was certainly cute but it was really cool to see him progress to becoming hot.

      • No, I think he looks fine through transformation. Like boyaddicked said, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for leaving crumbs. He’s a hot young man today. My AoA vary from boys in early stages of puberty to 17-20 yo.

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