6 thoughts on “Hot surfer boy#3 ( the last one )

  1. Wow!! I need to take a cold shower…. Oh, my…lord. He’s so hot! A boy in the shower, can it get any better? Wet, glistening skin. Yum! Thanks, thanks, thanks, Lausie! You know there’s another set with Kaden out there in cyber space. Hope you’ll find it and post it here.

  2. Okay! Kadan! Has got to be one of the sexiest hottest boys posted in a while! While we all love all the Sonny,Scotty,Danny,Tuur,cody, etc etc-uz…Kadan has the same hotness spark if not more!! This boy is so perfect in every way!! His eyes are amazingly beautiful and alluring! Green marbles and long thick eyelashes!! Big white teeth and sexy hair and skin tone along with that all too perfect tight smooth silky bod!! He is over the top HOT!! I wonder if he got a modeling gig after this somewhere? Absolutely GREAT SERIES!! One Im sure I will revisit and marvel in his beauty for ages!! Thanks!!!

  3. when i came out as a boy and teen boy lover to my best friend i showed him this set and he responded with “attraction i guess knows no age because wow how can you not want that?”

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