6 thoughts on “Speedo 9

    • Thanks! And I agree. There is nothing better than a hot athletic boy in speedos. It’s a shame they are not more popular worldwide. I love them all but 5 would have to be my favorite of the bunch, but I still think the rest are awesome.

    • I agree speedo boys are so hot. I wish you luck this summer. Speedos aren’t common at all in America. Wish they were though. Perhaps something will go viral and somehow make them popular.

  1. Gorgeously hot bods!! Very nice! I love Swimmers,Divers,Gymnasts,Dancers etc! They have that tight bod without overly developed muscle bound shapes! The first pic OMG two hotties!! ALL of them has the perfect body and the faces to go with it!! Great post!! More please!!!

    • Thanks! I agree. I love it when they have that great body but not overdeveloped. I’ll post more eventually but I need to find more again so it’ll be a bit.

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