7 thoughts on “Felipe & Juanito (The Twins) CD1 Part 1

  1. Have always had a fascination with twins..seen and been around a lot..They are TWO much…”Oh I know I just couldn’t help myself”…! These two are fun boys always smiling!! Thanks!!!

  2. I think they are younger than what I typically like. I’m not sure how old they are here. But there’s just something about the energy they give off that I can’t not enjoy them. They are super cute as well.

  3. My exhibitionist sons all wore light color speedos, white, yellow, pale green. Joey took out the front liner and the lifeguard at the club asked him not to wear that suit, haha, too revealing. Joey, Eddie and Kevin all loved teasing those who found young boys attractive. Thank you for the reminder Jamez.

  4. These twins seem to compete for who is the most beautiful. For me they are both, maybe I like the yellow one, but maybe it’s just the result that I like a lot of yellow, so … looking good, even the one in blue is very nice. Beautiful smiles and beautiful bodies. I greet both of them with a kiss on their foreheads each. I love you. Bye Bye.

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