33 thoughts on “Freckled Sean in leather vest…

  1. Lausie..You’ve got some great photos of Sean!! Very unique not seen by me @ least! hes so fine.. I love his freckled face and that bod too! Hes so so cute Thanks friend Lausie!

  2. @Pikkie. Ok. But I can only advice to be very careful with unknown links.
    Maybe not a virus, but I know there are links that install software on your computer to track you and you do not notice it, so be careful with those links from someone…….

  3. Pedo..LOL You are so witty..OMG what a genius you are!! First off Im sure your tiny itty bitty 2 inch erectile dis-functioning pee-pee couldn’t reach anyone’s mouth… anyway no one would want your vile inadequacy…Please crawl back under that rock you were hibernating under..No one wants to hear your incoherent jabber… This is for real BoB members…

    • Great comment Boyaddicked. Thanks for the support!
      Well….let’s not waste any time anymore in replying to a sad lonely figure ( mr pee….) who is begging for attention like a toddler. Figures like him are so sad…..
      They are begging for negative attention to make their life valuable.
      Maybe he should goo to Dr Phil or Oprah, they maybe can help him…..LOL….in any case a good psychiatrist may be a solution for him……
      Let us try to ignore him….
      Have a good day friend!

  4. Molester (Quote) “boyaddicked and laus,bastards!! pedofriend is my best bro!, Maybe you want die? my Cock for you mother,my Cock for your little sister”….. I have to Thank You for giving me the biggest laugh of the week…! You are so funny! OMG I cant breathe!!!…So LOL LOL..Funny…A-haaaa

  5. Oh my…. thats why “feeling Park” and other nice sites went down. Only by assholes like Pedofriend and his fake? Friends. I think his “best frinds” are himself…. what a stupid asshole!! Let’s just ignore it

    • Yes Marc1. I agree.
      It is just the same sad person, who has made fake accounts……..so sad…….
      A lonely soul begging for negative attention……
      I won’t reply to him personal anymore…………a waste of energy…….

  6. Yes, it seems Molester and Pedofriend are one and the same. They both spell Cock with capital c. Although I respect the cock as much as the next guy I would never spell it with a capital c.

    I tried, as I said above, to communicate with Pedofriend as I really like this Sean. I received many mails with incoherent remarks, I did receive some ZIP files but password protected, I did not receive the passwords. I did not get one pic of Sean from him. But ok, no problem.

    But now I received a very suspect mail with some Arabic Jihadi sign. I suppose that is not good. I blocked him now of course.

    I support the idea of also deleting the account of Pedofriend and not only of Molester.

    • @Pikkie. Love your remark about the Cock ( with capital C ), yes we respect cock…;)

      Well done to block him. As you said: a mail with arabic Jihad signs, well it is most likely we have to deal with a religious fanatic, who thinks we are as Boylovers the sons of the devil in person…( the Omen or Rosemary’s baby;) )

      It may happen more often that boylovers haters will find this website, so be warned not to click on every link from certain persons. They would love to see us destroyed.
      Well….we will always survive….yesssss!

  7. Right Lausie Laus, when it concerns beautiful boys I tend to become a bit stupid.

    And here on the subject of Sean, I want to thank you for posting those great pics of him. Especially the Egyptian dance series. Fantastic! Of Sean for looking the way he does and of you for posting.


    :dancing banana:

  8. I love this freckely beauty. He is so naughty dressing up as he does and driving us bl’s to madness with sexy poses and costumes. Naughty, naughty beauty.

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