Happy ReBirthday, BoB!

A year ago, our page was born again. Thanks to Matteo and all his effort we have once again a page, where we can share our love and admiration for the boys. To me this page means a lot. I love boys and I like you all very much. I have met good people here.

So here´s to us. Here´s to our safe haven, here´s to beautiful boys, here´s to Matteo. Happy ReBirthday, Beauty Of Boys!

18 thoughts on “Happy ReBirthday, BoB!

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I’m so happy to see that our little phoenix has been resisting the witchhunters for a year, continuing to provide love and beauty for all uf us. I couldn’t live without BoB!

  2. Thanks Juri..and Yes Happy Boythday BoB…LOL… May it live on forever…..!! Thanks Matteo and all of the contributing BL`s …you know who you are!! Thanks!

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