5 thoughts on “Diaper Boy Kevin Part 1/2

    • I kind of feel the same way. I always wonder, why is the boy wearing diapers, and if he needs them, is he really all that excited about getting photographed in them? At the same time, the pictures are out they’re already, and he does have a nice little body and a sweet little chest, so I’m looking forward to part two. Thanks for sharing Skate. Let’s show some love for Kevin by appreciating these pics.

  1. Also dont forget that a lot of boys are bed-wetters, they cant help it and so diapers are the easiest way for them to not wet the bed and make a mess,May even be autistic too? Who really knows?..Now to exploit him would be wrong but isn’t it fair to say as BL`s that ALL boys warts and all should be celebrated? Yes some ( and im no one to judge) have a diaper fetish and that’s no biggie to me but I see past the diapers and look at the boy,,and hes a doll!!

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