10 thoughts on “LITTLE DUDES # 2….For Those Who Like `Em Younger ! ( @ request of davebl)

  1. Sweet little dolls!. So innocent and cute and lovely. They look in the world with great eyes and are not ruined yet by society. Oh…if we could always be a child…..:)

    • He’s nice! I love his smile. There are so many nice boys in this post though it’s hard for me to pick a favourite. I like 2 3 5 17 19 25 26 27 need I go on.The boy in the yellow stripes is especially cute,pic 38 I think.J just love the view in 26 I think it is,the boy playing the drum.The last 3 pics are intriguing too.Great post.

  2. That is definitely one thing this place is lacking is younger boys. Especially in underwear and speedos. Most posts like that are mostly of older boys above the age of 10 it seems. I love all of it though and I’m not complaining and I’ll have to help out with this issue after all of my current stuff has been posted.

  3. Thanks..I always try to post a variety of pics for ALL whether its my AoA or not I think everyone should have a piece of the pie… I wont name any names but there’s even some boys I post that im not goo-gooo-gaga over them but I know others enjoy them so its no biggie!! I find the little dudes adorable and cute…They will be bigger boys some day too ! They are ALL boys young or old big or small…I love em all!

  4. I’m completely with you there BA! I do feel though that this site could use a few more younger boys wearing less. LOL But like I said, I’ll be very glad to help in that area!

  5. Boyaddicted your are a Postmaster, thank you for the passel of cutie pies, The face of the boy in the teddy bear hoodie was one which could melt a heart of stone. Thank you so much.

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