Boys of a feather

Remember these cuties? Lesha & Dima. Photo: Alexey Smirnof.

Please don’t comment on this. I absolutely despise drawing attention to myself.

27 thoughts on “Se7en

  1. Lots of images are amusing, one way or another. But these made me laugh out loud. There’s actual wit at work here, and not just on the photographer’s part. They’re so knowing, deliberately provoking, hinting at so much so blatantly, while showing none of it, yet everyone’s having a great time! These guys know how to hook an audience. Clearly have a great future in – ahem – show biz! Thanks. More,please. Also appreciated: images of other than sons of Europe! Sunnier, duskier or more golden climes …

  2. Rasmus I see your coming out of your dreary slump with a taste of a little boy rump ! Nothing like a beautiful set of skin clad boys to break you out of a dark hole..( I just love a good conundrum) …….Glad to see you back!! and thank you my lord for granting me the ability to now comment its such an honor that you grace us with your presence…LOL! ;^) In any given day Im there then im not so I know wht your going me….It gets better and boys are the answer!! Boys are a ray of sunshine on a dark cloudy gloomy day!

  3. All the photos are Hallmark category. Thanks Rasmus. Wonder if I can contact your for more. I loved the photography too, excellent!
    Thanks Rasmus

    NB: Is there any way to contact the authors


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