Fame: Best Of ModelTeenz Cole Part 1 ( First Post )

Hello Everybody.
This is my first post.
I had been following this blog since old BOB from like 2015. Found this new one a few months ago. I had been pretty much of a spectator all this while. Afterall I never had any content to post. But after seeing the dedication of few of my favorites here like BoyAddicted, GayLuron, Rasmus, bl_A …I thought to appreciate their work by trying to help this blog. Though my support may be a drop in a river but Lets together make it a ocean it once was…..a better ocean……A better BOB.
I would love and would be motivated if I get some comments regarding the opinion on my start.
Thank you
Lucius ❤

13 thoughts on “Fame: Best Of ModelTeenz Cole Part 1 ( First Post )

  1. Congrats on your first post! Excellent! Love this smoothy, dark brown eyed boy! So cute and ssssxyyy! Nice features. More to come?

    …and who’s that hot looking guy in the last picture? Don’t tell me it’s you Lucius !

    • Thank you so much Rasmus, it means a lot to hear it from you.
      And the last boy is me.
      I know I shouldn’t reveal my identity like this but I am from a country where people don’t give a shit.
      Thank you again.

  2. Welcome Lucius…I’m glad we all made an impact on you! Cole is a very hot boy and your pics of him with that booty and all are hot!! Also if that is really you ,you have beautiful green eyes! and are an attractive addition to BoB! Hope to see more of your posts! Oh, um país onde eles não dão a mínima? Deve ser o Brasil? or
    O tal vez estoy fuera de algunos continentes … ¡ja ja!

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