9 thoughts on “MO` FLO…FLORIAN~ MEGA LOAD!!!!

  1. I know Florian is well liked. He was one of the first models not from Tiger, that I came across. The blueish striped Hanford underwear(it’s not a thong, but I don’t know what it is) looks great on him. I think he looks best when he’s not super tanned.

  2. Indeed a mega load of beauty. Florian is for me the first boy of the model world I was in love with. Still looking at the pics I have that …wow….feeling in my stomach.
    Adorable, cute and hot. He is now so much older but he has given us all those pics as a treasure.

  3. This post of Florian is excellent – it is when such a beautiful boy is so relaxed before the camera that I wish such boys could be shown naked – I understand the reasons as to why not and fully endorse the BoB policy – but how wonderful it would be if the attitudes of the general society would be more liberal and we BLs could be free to enjoy the freedom we so much desire.

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