2 thoughts on “Cory soccer boy#4

  1. Okay…Some boys are hot BUT they try to look Hotter! CORY does not have to try He IS hot!! I love this kid so much!! He exudes hotness…I have known boys like him and have always been attracted to their sheer hotness,,and they never knew it..I just L-O-V-E him…….He is so natural! ..So hot!
    Yes ..Look at him so spunky!! a great ,pretty bad boy:http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Corysoccerboy4-21-660×440.jpg Thanks s Lausie I hope you have many more…Im in ecstasy!!

    • Thanks! You are so right! Cory is not acting to be hot….he is from nature HOT!
      And that is talented gift:):)
      I am happy you love the pics and of course Cory!

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