My Little Husband..and All Time Boy….LOL!     He Is ALL MINE!!! SCOTTY SAYS ” I LOVE BOYADDICKED…and NO ONE ELSE ! LOL!


  1. AWWWWWWW!!! I’m so happy for the 2 of you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love! Where are you going for your honeymoon? Sonny and I are getting engaged next week.

    • Please!!! May I join you all……..
      Well This boy is of the little ones always my fav. That sweet face…I dream of that face….so sweet and cute.
      He is yours……yeah I can understand it…..but you have to share him, that is the golden BL rule……:):)
      Wonderful pics, thanks!

  2. I wish you would all stop trying to steal MY husband off me! He can’t be everybody’s husband now!
    Great set by the way. I think Natey might have something to say about all this husband snatching. ?

  3. If you think this post bothers me, you will disappointed. I really dont give a shit what you think. You mean nothing to me so neither does your opinion.
    Scotty will never be yours because he doesnt like evil worthless pieces of shit like you.

    You have not upset me, nor changed my beliefs. You can say your lies as much as you like, and all you will be doing is wasting your energy.

    I will now be disconnecting my account here, so nothing you say past this point will be read by anyone apart from you and your other pedophile friends. + as a result i will now be reporting this blog for both copyright infringement to Sascha and also to wordpress + local authorities for child pornography. You brought this on yourself Dickhead.

    And for the record, i have boys i talk to daily, one that often tells me he loves me in a romantic way in real life . Seeing just how much time you spend here and how important pics are to you just shows that all you have are pics and a few pedo friends.

    Scotty says hello by the way, while he lays on MY bed. laughing at you just as i am now.
    Goodbye. you will see me again.

      • Well that was a bit unladylike I have to say.Someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning lol.
        Just a couple of points.Firstly,never throw a tantrum while typing.Secondly,Natey dear,you yourself have posted pictures of MY husband to this very blog so are you really going to grass yourself up to the authorities?
        As for the rest of you I’m afraid I actually took these pictures in my own studio so I own the copyright. So you can all look but don’t touch!He can’t be everyone’s husband.He loves me anyway.He told me last night.

  4. THANK YOU….I just had the biggest and robust burst of laughter then Ive had in a while….Oh how my stomach hurts Im laughing so hard…..LOL …..

  5. Why is this foul talk?
    Scotty became a man now, these old photos, from 2006 or 2007
    We enter here to see beauty, and we do not encourage prostitution between adults or children!
    Prostitution of the works of Satan.
    its enough ! OK

  6. OK guys! So we had some fun with Natey! But just imagine marrying Scotty.That moment when he places his ring on your finger..
    Natey was briefly a mod on the old bob by the way.

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