Conner vs Blake

Came across these. Can’t remember seeing them posted here before. Conner in blue, Blake in red. Forget the rules.

(There’s more if you like the pics.)

20 thoughts on “Conner vs Blake

  1. I didn’t know them. But now I am happy I meet them for the first time.
    They are so cool and cute!.
    Impossible to make a choice, but if I must ….I go for Blake, but of course Connor is also hot. And I hope there is more:)
    Thanks Rasmus!

  2. Personally, I prefer Blake. I don’t remember him from that site, so I’ll go back and look. He has a very nice bulge (especially in the last few pics).

  3. I prefer Connor only from the aspect that I am fan of the more muscular boy body type. He has nice bulge as well.
    Blake on the other hand has the more attractive “cuter” face. It may be because he is the younger of the two.
    Both,however,have their own admirable qualities and I would dismiss neither one and thank you for the post.

  4. Wonder if they ever have to stop the action to cool things down. HS wrestling always had someone popping one. Not sure why we were embarrassed, so normal

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