8 thoughts on “Jimmy in Gold

  1. The first time I saw Jimmy I felt that my heart was racing with emotion because of its beauty and tenderness, now every time I see it my heart relaxes because I feel that I carry it inside me like a treasure found and desired.

  2. Its beauty and its sweet presence falls in love and helps to be happier and better people. It is like a beautiful and golden dream that fills with love when contemplating it. A huge kiss and a giant hug. ???

  3. Anyone who wants to contact me and have Jimmy in action and also with his boyfriend so he can watch Jimmy’s videos the most beautiful of the sweet world that I want?

  4. Jimmy in gold, you’re beautiful. You have an amazing body. A cute face and a kissing backside. Then your bulge in front, it excites me like never before. I wish you the best that this world can offer you, because you deserve it. Only for your external beauty, if you are beautiful even inside, perfect! I like you Jimmy, I like you very much. I greet you with a big kiss where you prefer it. I love you. To the next set. Bye Bye.

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