Lorenzo then, and later in life.

The younger pics of Lorenzo can be found here: http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/2017/12/lorenzo-french-boy/

I’m posting these pics since danniboi on that thread said: “Yes Lorenzo had a hot set when he was a little bit older wearing dog chain”

He’s probably too old in this set for many of us now, but I personally like seeing how our cute young boys look as they grow up.

8 thoughts on “Lorenzo then, and later in life.

  1. I love seeing age progressed photos.
    I certainly don’t find him too old in the later pics.
    There is nothing wrong with him being a hot young teen.
    Certain boys as they progress into teen hood can be a real turn on.
    We saw that with certain Modelteenz models as well as Nic, Killian,Keanu, Johannes, Robin,George and Andreas Smole plus many others.
    So, just keep posting those age progressed photos because I love them.
    I wish I could find more myself to share.
    Can anyone else ?

    • That would be my guess to his age as well. The only reason I said what I did, is because I have read several comments on some of the older boys found in the archives basically saying: that boys around Lorenzo’s age were just too old–so I ASSumed wrongly! LOL

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