Slovak & Czech Boys

At the end of October it is the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, the predecessor of Czech Republic and Slovakia. I was born in Czechoslovakia, in the Slovak part. I still consider the Czechs as brothers of the Slovaks, and not to forget, there are many beautiful boys, too.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, here are the pictures of boys from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Some pictures were here before, so please forgive me and enjoy :-).

18 thoughts on “Slovak & Czech Boys

  1. Of course there are beautiful boys in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    I know these are just a small sample of the many more beautiful boys that are sure to be found there.

      • I found 95% of the boys you posted in this set to be really beautiful boys! However, I am really lousy at knowing the place of origin of most boys, so I cheated a little and found that Richard Labuda, and Markus Filipko both are from Slovakia, and, to me, they are both quite cute as well. But I honestly do find almost all of the boys in this set to be very beautiful boys.

        • Thank you :-). Yes, these two are from Slovakia and they are very beautiful, although Richard Labuda is nearly adult now. Those posted pictures are like 5 years old.

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