6 thoughts on “A few more boys from the Land of Kim

    • Actually it is a traditional Indian garment, called Kaupina, Kaupinam or Langot. It is not seen as often now since western styles of clothing have become much more common. However, they are still common used in wrestling (essential as a jockstrap) and some traditional Hindu events. In this case, the boys went for unusually bright colors and patterns. For showing off, no doubt!

      • Thank you for that info! They are very beautiful garments, definitely much nicer looking then traditional “western styles” It’s sad to hear that they are becoming less common.

  1. who controls the man who controls the man?
    my dad controlled me and wore what he liked
    me to have on , but he was my dad but another
    man now controls us, we should destroy this
    other man and ware what we like even no
    thing if we want and with this man dead no one will

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