Daryl 1.2

He can’t be kept a secret anymore. This is ModelTeenz Daryl. E.N.J.O.Y!

Daryl’s Special Edition #159

24 thoughts on “Daryl 1.2

  1. Thank you Rasmus. He’s just about everything I like in a boy. Blond hair, sprinkling of freckles, beautiful eyes, wonderful leg arm and hand hair (especially around the shoulders), nice nipples, and a cute belly button. I’d love to see his back. Maybe braces. Braces would be cool.

  2. Wow! Daryl is very hot! And his beautiful fur on arms and nice leg hair… love it! I need a better shot of his legs and also his back. You made me happy, Rasmus, thank you!

  3. Rasmus, just a question. I’ve uploaded apicture with a question. But that message keeps on pending. What do i wrong? Excuse for asking you here but i don’t know how to contact a moderator.

    • Hmm. Are you using the Tor browser? Did you insert a picture in your comment? If you insert more than one URL in your comment it usually says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. It means the website owner (Matteo) has to approve your comment.

      • No, i use Firefox. Is it better to use the Tor browser? I’ve have no idea which browser best i can use.
        I used chrome browser for the message with the picture. But chrome has also a problem with the hard refresh CTRL+F5. Even Edge or other don’t work well with that option good. That is why i use Firefox. But i’ll take a look at Tor.
        Thanks again Rasmus.

        • Download and use the Tor Browser and access the Beauty of Boys directly via the Tor Browser. Don’t use any proxies, like onion.rip or onion.link, or onion.to. It’s insecure and you can’t upload any pictures via a proxy site.

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