8 thoughts on “Farm boy Magnus 2 (Last pt.)

  1. An “IMMENSE” and “ENORMOUS” thank you for this post.

    Magnus is one of my most favorite of all cute young stud muffins.
    The photographer certainly chose an apt venue to show off his incredible bod.
    All the pics are superb in conveying that and few even more so.
    If you notice pic #3, I’ve caught his attention and asked him to come and work on my farm with the condition that he always remains shirtless and in shorts while the dress code for the old “swimmin” hole is entirely different matter.

    If anyone has more of Magnus please post. I will be eternally grateful

  2. this boy is amazingly yummy! i wonder if he shaves hisbody hair because he has better muscle definition than you would normally see from someone not old enough to have hair.

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