My little Blue “The City”

I start writing this story about a love drama between a boy and a man “its a fiction story, even the persons and places” i’ll post a part each week, enjoy reading

The city

My name is clark, am a police officer in my mid thirties and single, i work mostly at night in a big city called castedia full of buildings and lights, its a city that never sleep, i live in an appartement located in a big building close to the beach, my task as a P.O is to answer any radio call from the station, so i drive my car hanging waiting for that call to come, i love the night and its lights, and its almost calm than the day.

One night i got a radio call by 8Pm , a homeless man killed another in a fight, it was the second murder, so that night we arrest most homeless people that we can, women,children,men, all of them so we can investigate what happens that night and the other night, between homeless men, well for me i capture two men and a little boy, he was about 12 years old, i get them to the station where we started interviewing them one by one.

And of course the most interesting interview its the one with the kid, his name was alec:

Me: hey alec, how are you?

Alec: am fine, how about you officer ?

Me: yeah am good arresting people in the middle of the night

Alec: is there something i can eat

Me: seriously !! Alright wait a sec.

Actually am good with children, i love the way they see the world and how they live in the moment, well i get out the room and bought him an orange juice and a bar of milky way, i entered the room.

Alec: wow, that’s for me !!

Me: here you go

He took them with a face full of happiness, i loved that actually, how i made him happy

Alec: thanks officer, why would you do that for me

Me: is that you talking or your hunger

Alec: hahaha never mind

He start eating them with joy like he never eat a thing like that before,

Me: lets go to real talk now kiddo

Alec: am always arrested for nothing anyway, just ask

Me: what do you know about the crimes that happened yesterday and the other day

Alec: i had nothing to do with that, and as you saw i was alone when you arrested me. Even that man wasn’t there he may know something

Me: what do you mean

Alec: i don’t hang out with others, just me and Lukas, he take care of me and protecting me.

Me: where is he ? Is he arrested?

Alec: i don’t think so, you cant find him, he’s special

Me: what is that special, (i shouted) stop playing games with me kid and answer my damn questions,

Alec: he’s not a homeless man !!!

Me: alright then, he had anything to do with the crimes?

Alec shouted: NO!!! He’s my only friend and he’s taking care of me like you just did

Me next you shout you’ll regret it,: where i can find that mysterious man of yours

Alec: we met most of the days at 11Pm close to the lion statut.

Well, am sure i’ll get nothing about the crimes from that kid, but i am really curious about that lukas,

Me: okey lets go get that man of yours!!

Alex: whatever !!

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