“A Little Friend” Chapter 1

It was late June, July was a few days away, so we just got into summer. Which is not a season I’m a fan off. Mostly because of bees. Wasps more specifically actually. Bees are endangered so I do my best to help one of those fluffy adorable important helpers when I can. I’ve actually kept the bee hive in my backyard, and even planted some ice followers so they can thrive. But those aggressive dumb looking wasps that will sting you for no good reason, hate, and they come out the most in the summer. And maybe because of the hot sun recently thanks to *cough* us *cough* global warming *cough*.

I was out at the front of my house adding another birdhouse to the tree infront of my house while Alan yacked his head off about football and his recent run. Believe me I was listening to him, I always do, just putting up birdhouses need so much concentration.

“Are you even listening dude?” Alan randomly stopped and dropped his arms hang them staring up towards me.

“Yea I am, patriots suck, Bradys a cheater and you got 14th place in the local run” I responded climbing down the ladder I was on.

“I was in 13th place” he chuckled

“Close enough” I smiled putting my we into my handy tool belt.

I heard laughing and talking across the street. New neighbors. It has been three weeks since I’ve noticed my interest in that boy. I still haven’t approached anyone of that family to introduce myself or welcome them to the neighborhood. There was this weird hesitation about it.

“Dude you met them yet?” Shit I was staring.

“Actually no I have not” I chuckled after regaining my attention towards Alan. He patted me on the back.

“Well I have so I’ll introduce you” he smirked as he lead the way across the street towards the neighbors. The boy and the father seemed to be taken broken down cardboard boxes to the car. I was nervous. Just seeing the boy. He was wearing a nice Plaid shirt that was red with same blue jeans, and some dark blue skate shoes. I’ve still been figuring out this whole thing with why I like him. Okay like sounds wrong. I mean most interest search results I got was, stuff about pedophiles being arrested. And I swear I’m not one! I would never harm a child! I don’t even like kids! Do I? This kid is really making me rethink things. His looks reminds me of a middle school friend I used to think I had a crush on, but I knew I wasent gay so it wasent a crush, but sort of felt like it, but at that time, I had to shut that shit down or if one of my friends or father found out, I would’ve had my ass handed to me beaten.

Alan walked up and waved to the father of the boy, he waved back with a great smile, putting the flat boxes into the trunk of the car, the boy ran into the house to grab more boxes. Alan shook the man’s hand.

“How are you doing Rob?” He smiled with a chuckle.

” Oh just packing away the moving boxes, finally getting settled in y’know” he kept his smile. God he TOTALLY looks like Saul from ‘Better call saul’. Alan always seemed to get people to like him easily, no matter the age, he just had that sort of energy about him.

“Rob, this is my college pal and friend since we were kids guy Ive told you about, this is Jason.”

I shook Rob’s hand and introduced myself like anyone else would even being introduced already by someone else. He did the same.

“You got quite the hobby of bird houses huh?” He looked over to my place.

“Uhh yea, bee building them for a few years, I have tons more inside and in the back” I responded.

“I can tell they are custom design, at least during my time, when I was about my son’s age I used to have the same hobby, but now I’m just a defense lawyer.” Rob replied. My god he’s a lawyer to, and he’s not Saul?

Alan Rob and I had a few laughs for a bit, talking about memories and how we got into this neighborhood. Then came out Rob’s son, who came to stand beside his father, his shoulder were about at the height of his father’s forearms. He looked around the age of 10-13.

“Oh guys, this is my son Cody” Rob smiled, Cody with a quickness shot up his arm towards me for a…handshake? Well raised?

“Nice to meet you” he soft kind sounding boyish voice made me freeze for a moment. It was a adorable? God I would love to be in one of those loony toons cartoons where the characters always get hit with a weight, I wish that happened now.

I finally gently grabbed his and shook it. He palm so soft, even at the top of his hand was soft.

“I’m Jason, nice to meet you too.” He iled so softly then turned to Alan. And started a quick secret handshake. I’m jealous.


“What’s up little man, how was the game last night?”

Alan and Cody started to have a conversation about Cody’s Baseball game. So he plays baseball huh? Cool. I sorta hung around listening into the conversation to learn more about Cody. Be sounded like a bust kid. Active. Played baseball at school and hockey as a out of school sport. They talked about cars and robots too and how tech is advancing, which I managed to give in a few details on.

“Okay Codes, Jason here, is Mr. Really smart guy, he does his research. He knows his stuff, so out of the both of us, he’s the best for homework help” Alan laughed, so did Cody a little, making me join in. Please don’t send this kid to ask me for help, considering my comfort level is not the best right now with him. Him laughing, smiling, making a few ‘Kiddish jokes’ made me happy, and blush, so I tried hiding my face.

“Hey Alan, I gotta go make sure the birds have foods and what not so I gotta go.” I told him, but he suddenly looked excited and looked at Cody. “hey dude, you should see the birdhouse collection this guy got, it’s pretty cool, designs and builds them on his own!” He bent down to his height. Cody looked at me. “Really? Can I see?” I just stared at him for a moment.

“If it’s okay with your father”

Rob came from the house with his wife who I haven’t met yet.

“I actually have a interest myself there Jason” he smiled. I smiled back.

“Yea sure, just come on over.” I started to walk to my place, everyone who was following behind. Out of nowhere Cody ran up to my side and kept to the same pace. I’m guessing he was eager to see what I’ve made.


20 Minutes Pass…


Alan, Rob and Linda, Rob’s wife were all having a conversation at the back of my porche. I was organizing through my bird houses hanging on my trees. Checking if they still had food and water.

Cody sort of watched me following me to each of the hanging bird homes.

“So how do you make these?” He asked.

“Well. I start with a sketch of my idea, sketch it out a few times of different varieties. Then I pick one and make a blueprint, determine the needed measurements. The type of wood I’ll use. Put it together, then paint and done.”

“How long does it take to make one?”

“It depends on its size. Smaller ones usaully take less than a week. Bigger ones like my corner one that’s two feet long over there took two weeks.”

“Could you , maybe teach me? I’ve sort of always had a interest in birds and…building stuff” he shrugged trying to make it seem not a big deal. But I had a feeling he really wanted me to say yes. I looked at him and smiled.

“I would be happy to”


To Be Continued…

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