17 thoughts on “Logan – as a Teenager – Part3 (as requested)

  1. Logan has the full package. He was cute when he was younger and developed into a total hot twink (Even Now). I feel like Spencer got the attention over him all the time but Logan deserves attention too.

  2. Well, i have a complete set!! of Logan when he was a younger boy. Perhaps a good idea to post that set in the future. It will be a huge post lol

    • Hi Powderpuff,

      I am a huge fan of Logan, so please take my comments with that in mind. Do a search and you will see that I and others have posted samples of all Logan sets where he is younger than this here in SE#230. You know, of course, the complete sets are huge and have a lot of repetition. (SE#230 has 1,785 pics totaling 2.63 Gb. There are 20 outfits.) Of sets that I have covered, SE#246 has probably been sampled the least, 35 pics out of 1,164.

      I have concerns about posting entire sets, especially when the Modelteenz sets are so large and repetitive. I am not sure it is fair to BoB to take up so much server space, or to the members who have slow connections, which TOR only exacerbates. Complete sets can be had elsewhere, where sharing and trading them is the norm.

      BoB is dedicated to boys in “every-day situations,” hardly an accurate description of Modelteenz SE sets. Of course I post some Modelteenz samples because I know many members like them. And other model sets are posted, like the Newstar, and while complete those sets usually number under 72, not over 1000.

      My opinion is you would do better to sample what you feel at the best pics, rather than post complete sets. You, of course, are free to do whatever you wish that Matteo allows.

        • Hi bl_a,

          I thank you for your big and honest reply. The young Logan archive i have is the Logan’s Special Edition #033 with 685 pictures. And indeed your right all those complete sets are big. Most of the time more than 1500 pictures. I will finish the current Logan set, but afterwards i will change the way of posting those huge sets. And you are right again not everybody is cable of downloading those huge sets.
          I hope you don’t think that i do this in a “bad” thinking / mode. The reason of my posting is to let others enjoy those beauties too. We are all boy lovers here and that’s, in my opinion, is a good thing. Sometime you see boys and you don’t know where to look lol There’s is such beauty when you look around and also the picture which are posted here are awesome!
          But as i said before, i will do my future postings otherwise, some sets are too big.
          I really want to thank you for you honest and fair criticism. I will surely take that in my account.
          Okay, take care and thanks!

          • Hi Powderpuff,
            Thank you for your consideration.

            I have an idea. I posted only 51 of the 299 Speedo pics in the SE#33 set. That was almost a year and a half ago. Maybe you would like to post some others to increase the sampling?
            For your convenience, since there are a ton of Logan posts produced by the Search function, here are links to those three posts.

            Also, I only posted 25 of the remaining 387 non-speedo pics in SE#33. Maybe you want to post some more samples of those as well. See

            Oh, and thank you for your ongoing posting of Logan’s SE#230. Now I won’t have to post a sampling of that! LOL : – D

      • Dear bl_a,
        finally someone who expresses what I’ve been thinking about from time to time. Yea those “posing and modelling” sets are annoying to me and I would prefer boys in everyday situations much more.
        I already ditched some photos where the boy is posing like an adult nude – this has nothing to do with the natural “boyness”.

        We have enough space, but given the amount that those sets take up – it’s really monotone. Yea, we’ve seen your Sonnys, Codys, Hunters, Robbies, Spencers and Logans for the past three years. They seem indestructible and it gets really boring now. I’m sure there are many duplicates – or is it just the sheer amount of the same boys that make me feel like I’ve already seen it?

        The quality of the photos is great – but it’s such an artificial situation.
        So thank you bl_a for bringing this up!
        I’d love to see more photos like fjr27183 has recently been posting. Focus on the boys face, their beautiful eyes or their long hair. (But that’s just my taste, don’t worry :)) All boys in everyday situations are welcome.

        • Thank you, Matteo, for speaking your mind. Transparency benefits everyone. I for one am pretty much done with posting Modelteenz, mainly because I have posted samples of most of the sets I really like. (Erik was recently requested so I’ll be doing that. I may never return to Spencer or Logan. At least not for a long while.)

          I am really heading for posting photobooks or collections of good photographers, beyond fashion or studio and more “candid,” which usually means captures of normal, everyday situations.

          Hence the Cosidetoo books I am working on now. And the sets of photograpers like Indigo, Aratuan, Bluefield, Cosmos and some old classics like scans by Johnie and Camillo as best representing the BoyPhoto books I would like to post.

          The Boyphoto books will be a bit of a challenge, as many of them have everyday scenes of nudity. I may push BoB a little on this, and what I hope you will do is cut what you feel you must, give me feedback in comments or PM. But please do not feel I am pushing to annoy you. These are published books which are available in reputable bookshops. Rest assured I am not going to post frontal nudity, but neither will I post photos that have been cropped or otherwise photoshopped. Those will just be left out, perhaps with a notation, perhaps no mention.

          Please, Matteo, keep the lines of communication open and if I become too much of a bother, let me know. I don’t want to jeopardize BoB nor cause anyone needless work or anxiety.

        • Dear Matteo,

          I wrote already that in the future the posting of these kind of sets is going to be different. The sets are too big and i will reduce the amount of pictures radically. Also more diversity pictures from the total set. I still have 1 pending in it’s original format, but that will be the last one. The next of the set is going to be different. Well you have seen the discussion between bl_a and me. I’t a good thing that we discuss these matters.

          Take care, Powderpuff

  3. bl_a….(forgot to write) i already wrote a comment in the pending part of Logan 320. I am going to post differently from now on. I will use, if possible, a contact sheet so that others can see what to be expected. And i do only samples from huge sets.

    • That’s an idea! But contact sheets can be a lot of work, or not, depending on your software. But I like it. I used to do contact sheets of videos I had saved from youtube. I posted the links to the videos here with contact sheets. It was a fair bit of work, and it didn’t seem there was a lot of interest, so I stopped. But contact sheets of photos are easier. Give it a shot, I say.

      • Well making a contact sheet is not a problem for me. I can “read and write” witch Adobe products. I will not do it all the time, but it should be handy if the archive is a big complete set. People have a better view of the sample i made and they will know what to be expected. But no more 1500 or more. This post was beginning to look like “The Never Ending Story” ( with handsome Noah!!). Okay.. let wait and see how things will develop in the future.
        BTW: It’s a good thing we discuss such matters as well.
        You got me thinking about an important issue and that is good lol

        Take care!!

  4. Okay… Matteo and other users, i changed the pending post already. It would be nice Matteo if you take the contact sheet as featured image. It will give a clear view what is left over in this last post. We done now with Logan as Teenager (sigh) lol

    CU, Cheers etc…. Powderpuff

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