Mio Cade’s photography pt 5

We recently lost a beloved one.. he was a very important part of our family and life will never be the same again until we meet up with him in heaven. I will always think of Ariano in a wonderful way, not thinking of painful times like this one… Just keeping the memories of him close to my heart. I know the whole family grieves over this loss, and we always will, but now is a time where we should pull together, to support each other and most of all, be there for each other like we always have.

Ariano, 14+ was drown in Tanjong, Makassar while rapid water from heavy rain swept him away. He could not swim and this little life vanished below the water.

Ariano was the cousin of my yongest adopted kid, Sapri. My son is still very sad and talked little. I am sad too.

Although Ariano is a street kid, but he is a wonderful boy. I will always remember him.

Goodbye Ariano..RIP.

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  1. Very sad what happened to Ariano. And it’s sad seeing these children being used for labor, and who knows what else. I’ve been to Sulawesi many times and have seen the flooding and the poverty, but was always impressed with the kindness and hospitality and of the locals. Great story-telling with your photos.

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