4 thoughts on “Boys of Dance, pt 9

  1. I really hoped he would win AGT but came up a bit short. I thought his second performance at the judges cuts was the best; started off as the robot boy then got into the judges faces with some moves later in the routine that were impressive and aggressive. Third performance was good; but not as good as the first two and then the finals. For some reason, during the intro to his routine, they chose to go with a sob story about how he didn’t have any friends early on and robots brought him out of all of that. But, Darci Lynn was using that all along as a shy little girl that was brought out of her shell by her puppets. I believe everybody knew she was the act to beat and they were trying to draw some attention away from her; it didn’t work. I think he’d have been better off to get back to basics a bit and get back into the judges; and voters, faces and put together a routine that less depended on a bunch of special effects and such. His talent is in his body and especially in his facial expressions. Regardless, I enjoyed every one of his performances and think he’s cuter than words can describe; although he’s starting to grow up on me; stupid boys growing up and such. I subscribe to his youtube channel and love to see his next routine. And, for the record, my most favorite part of any of his videos is in the second performance where he throws his hands and arms above his head. It pulls his shirt up and I get so see the beautifully smooth skin of his stomach; and the “V” that runs down into his pants. For some reason my mind starts to wander; and wonder.

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