Dimple Heaven

Dimples add a special characteristic to a boys face.

If a boy already has a beautiful and cute face, and his smile unveils some cute dimples, what more can you ask for?

This post is for all dimplelovers.


This boy surely knows how cute and special his dimples really are.

He likes to show them and is really proud.

21 thoughts on “Dimple Heaven

    • @Juri:
      He surely has some nice blonde hairy arms. I actually added this image to this post by accident (not dimple related).
      I might have one or two other images somewhere, but this is by far the best, showing his nice hairs.
      I am also a hairy arms lover. I have seen your post regarding this topic. Really nice posts.

  1. Dimples are stars and sparkles of heaven. Shocking feature of inborn attraction as kick under belt.

    “Give me, give me, give me just a little smile,
    That is all I ask of you
    give me, give me, give me just a little smile,

    We got a message for you.
    Sunshine, sunshine reggae,
    Do not worry, do not hurry, take it easy.” ))

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