Johnny Crawford – Actor

Perhaps he’s best known for his role as Mark McCain in The Rifleman (1958 to 1963). The series is a joy to watch just to see often his smiling face. It still runs on TV sometimes.

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  1. I remember him quite well even though I wasn’t a fan of The Rifleman, but my family liked the show.

    He was a very beautiful boy, with a wonderful smile!

    • I don’t really remember whether I watched or not when I was a boy. I don’t think we had a TV either until perhaps 1960. But now, it is one of my favorite shows on TV. Two episodes every weekday afternoon. I’ve probably seen them all 3 to 5 times. I know them so well I now only watch the ones where the story line focuses on Mark. And some of those more than others, like when there is another or other boys. Especially Don Grady and Billy Hughes and Bobby Crawford. Not to mention the show epitomizes strong and healthy boylove and life long learning between a man and a boy.

      Thanks for posting this, Puer Amicus. I have some photos to add to my collection. And it’s good to see you on BoB again every once in a while.

  2. Watching the reruns (I was born in 62) I’ve noticed as Johnny got older, his pants got tighter in the crotch. You would think the stage crew could have gotten him pants that fit better. He’s still one of my young actor crushes.

  3. There is a movie 1967 i think called Indian paint with Jonny Crawford plays a native American teenager so he wears nothing but a loin cloth the entire movie

  4. Thanks all. For me the show ended shortly before I was born. I’ve only discovered it in the last 5 years or so. It was on every evening just after dinner and I made sure I watched every episode.

  5. For us old farts the Rifleman was a must. Johnny started taking his shirt off and it was a curse because we did not have pause so you could really enjoy the view and get a grip on it. Thank you for sharing this oldie but a goodie.

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